Welcome to the official website of Confi-Data, LLC.  We are in the business of providing quality service for business owners that use pre-employment screenings or background checks. We provide prior employment reference checks, public record background checks (FCRA compliant) for personal and business use, and the "black and white" facts at your finger tips.  Currently we are doing business in 17 states and Canada .

We strive to provide a better, faster, and friendlier service to our customers.  We can quickly and accurately determine the backgrounds of your employees, associates, and tenant applicants helping you to confirm their integrity and potentially avoid issues regarding negligent hiring, problematic employees, tenant problems, and other undesirable disputes.

According to recent surveys, most companies now conduct criminal background checks on potential employees.  A sharp increase in this practice during the past few years reflects both corporate America's heightened security concerns after September 11th and the growing public availability of personal information.  Pre-employment screening answers questions that are extremely important in the hiring process of today’s world.  Many job applicants fail to correctly report their backgrounds, credentials, and education.  By using pre-employment screenings, employers are more likely to hire the better person for the job.

Many options are available for background checks. Many employers prefer a state criminal check on the potential employee from their resident state. Others want nationwide criminal checks, credit reports, and verification of past employment, positions held, and reasons for leaving.  A good rule of thumb would be, the more responsibility the job has, the more intense the background check should be.

Thank you for allowing us to introduce Confi-Data, LLC, a nationwide full-service background check company.  Please feel free to review the services we offer as well as other materials contained within this website or you may contact us.  We would appreciate an opportunity to show you how our years of experience and service can meet your needs.

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